Fresh New People in a Fresh New Field

Today’s age has allowed for some of the most technologically advanced developments in the last ten years. Compared to the 20 years before that and the advancements made over that time. We can integrate most appliances in the home to be prompted from a single box by voice. There are programmable vacuum cleaners that all you have to is empty the receptacle. More recently, there are now virtual movies that can play on a goggle headset that play in a slightly interactive three dimensional capacity. Making things like the 3-D headset are a part of a broad category called CGI, or computer generated imagery, and is quickly becoming the field to become involved in for the future.


Many people in the older generation may not know what CGI is, but more than most have seen it in action without realizing it. When movies like the Matrix no one knew the effect it would have on the Hollywood brand. The process was so new and innovative people needed to develop a name for what the directors did. CGI is no different in the respect that when Shriek came out no one expected it to turn out like it did. What the Disney team managed to do with that team was incredible, and now so many others have taken up to the cause. This is by far and wide the most innovative field to work in today, and is always waiting for the next daring director to take a chance.

CGI is not only found in movies, but also many video games that are played in today’s popular culture. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PCs and even phone games all use CGI in the cinematic and gameplay of their products. Games like Metal Gear Solid use a heavy cinema break in the entire newer generation games (from MGS2 on up.) It is used for gameplay too in games. The possibilities are endless for what you can do too. Become a good programmer and you can make just about anything happen.

Besides the perk of basically designing your own personal video game there are many good reasons to seek out a career in this field. There is a pretty open availability as far as the operating hours. Most programmers work from home or a personal office so they do not have to show up on time so much as finish the project by the deadline. Obviously, the more dedicated and productive the less problems at work there will be with that. It certainly seems like a good avenue to go down if interested in a career or a different profession for a good change of environment.